100% Protection from Password Theft.

Organisations are concerned about the risks and consequences of brand and reputational damage arising from the theft of customers on-line credentials.

Silicon:SAFE guarantees complete protection of your customers identity and passwords, with an impenetrable storage and authentication appliance for log-in credentials that promotes a better, safer customer experience.



Companies that may have benefited from Silicon:SAFE’s Password Protect

The Problem Of Bulk Password Theft

Password Protect™ from Silicon:SAFE

An Impenetrable Authentication Appliance

Password Protect has no operating system or executable environment. This makes it impossible to inject malware and even your administrators cannot read the contents. But customers simply log on as normal and experience a lightning fast response.

Hacker Challenge

Prove us wrong and win an Apple Watch

After intensive penetration testing of our patented Silicon architecture we are confident that Password Protect solves the bulk identity theft problem, and we challenge you to prove us wrong.

Every month 100 usernames and passwords are pre-loaded into our own Password Protect appliance. Take the Hacker Challenge today, retrieve any of these stored credentials and we will give you an Apple Watch.

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