Silicon:SAFE has created an impenetrable storage and authentication appliance for customer log-in details that promotes a better, safer customer experience. Our patented No-Read™ technology isolates secrets at the hardware level – they can be stored and verified for accuracy, but it is impossible to read, copy or steal them.


Password Protect solves the problem of bulk identity theft by replacing your existing password database, that is vulnerable to breach, with an impenetrable hardware authentication appliance.


The objective of this document is to assist a system administrator in setting up a Password:Protect appliance for the first time as well as being a useful reference guide. It provides examples of deployment topologies and a guide to the Password:Protect Windows configuration Application.


The Snap protocol is Silicon:SAFE’s proprietary protocol for communicating with Password Protect using industry standard encryption. This document describes the SNAP Class library available in Java, C#, PHP and Python


The underlying concept behind Silicon:SAFE is breathtakingly simple: hardware that allows secrets to be stored and verified, but never retrieved. With Silicon:SAFE’s patented technology, secrets are isolated at the hardware level so they can be stored and checked for accuracy, but it is digitally impossible to steal them.