Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the UK, Silicon:SAFE has created an impenetrable storage and authentication appliance for customer log-in details that promotes a better, safer customer experience.

For companies who are concerned about brand and reputational damage resulting from theft of customer credentials, Silicon:SAFE provides a unique and impenetrable storage solution that ensures data cannot be viewed, copied.

Our patented No-Read™ hardware micro-service architecture isolates secrets at the hardware level – they can be stored and verified for accuracy, but it is impossible to read, copy or steal them.


At Silicon:SAFE we believe the cause of high volume data breaches is the hackable architecture of the PC. This renders its operating system and application software vulnerable to penetration during a cyber-attack. Therefore storing data in a purpose built, impenetrable hardware appliance is the answer.

Password Protect™ enables companies to prevent mass password theft. The technology puts customer identities and passwords beyond reach, using a purpose built hardware data store that allows user names and passwords to be entered into the appliance but never retrieved, making it impossible to read, copy or steal the data.

Up to 4 passwords can be stored securely for every Customer identity. The technology goes beyond just passwords to allow the storage of Credit Card details, Biometric identities and even the concept of anonymizing a database record.