Silicon Safe Launches ‘Unstealable’ Password ‘Hacker Challenge’

Innovation Martlesham company Silicon Safe announces an open challenge for hackers and cybersecurity experts to attempt to steal usernames and passwords from its challenge server appliance. The challenge is announced on the second day of the CyberExpo at Excel, London, where the company is exhibiting in the ‘Futures Den’ which is at stand V4, and is open to all.

Silicon Safe believes that all software-based password protection solutions are ultimately hackable, so the company has invented a hardware solution from which, it claims, it is impossible to extract usernames and passwords.

There have been a large number of high-profile bulk identity thefts in recent months, using a variety of sophisticated tools and techniques. The value of stolen passwords means that stealing large volumes is a highly profitable business. The cost in damage to reputation and implementation of new protection to the victim companies is significant. That is why cybersecurity experts and hackers are invited to go to to get details of the challenge and try their hands at stealing the 100 protected credentials from the Silicon Safe appliance.

“We think it is impossible to steal usernames and passwords from our system”, said Roger Gross, CEO and Founder of Silicon Safe, “because of our unique hardware solution. The attack that resulted in loss of passwords at eBay would not have been possible if the company had been using Silicon Safe’s solution. We expect most experienced cyber experts and hackers to realise that they are unable to gain access to the data when they read the description of our solution, but for those who think they can do it, we are offering them the opportunity to give it their best shot. There is a prize of Google Glass and a large amount of kudos for the first person to succeed.”

He added: “There are no ‘back doors’ or administrator privileges to exploit, and no code to infect; crack it if you can!”


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